About Us

About Us

Master of Massage is one of the leading deep tissue and lymphatic massage services in Minneapolis, MN. With some of the most experienced, talented, and highly qualified massage therapists who specialize in a variety of techniques and approaches, we’re committed to delivering the best services you can.

Founded by Makayla Eckberg, the business has a vibrant team of therapists who you can learn about below:

Ryanne Eckberg

Ryanne Eckberg is a certified massage therapist with qualifications from Saint Paul College. She specializes in post-op care for her clients, ensuring that there is minimal swelling, pain, scarring, and fibrosis. She gets to know her clients personally so as to design custom massage sessions for their specific needs.

Book with Ryanne today for optimal post-op care results. Don’t wait for better results.

Lena Tia

Lena Tia is a body contour therapist specializing in post-op care. Through her techniques, she has helped all kinds of clients achieve their desired body goals. She also specializes in conditions such as bloating, fluid retention, and lymphedema. She can also give you the ultimate rejuvenating massage session and provide you with the top level of service, all the while helping you get your dream body.

Book with Lena today to experience body contour results that will amaze you!

Ultare Banks

Ultare Banks has over 9 years of experience specializing in injury and therapeutic massage. As a dedicated massage therapist, he is deeply committed to his clients’ needs, personalizing each session to deliver the highest level of attention. Through his stellar services, he is able to help them thrive and do exceptionally well.

Book with Ultare for the ultimate and unique massage experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Amber Yancey

Amber works hard to understand each client’s requirements before working with them. She specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage techniques, helping clients with a history of injuries and those who simply want to relax and rejuvenate.

Book your next massage session with Amber to experience detailed deep tissue and sports massage therapy.

RoseMarie Tsamas

RoseMarie’s practice is focused on healing and attention. Through extensive experience and knowledge of energy work, RoseMarie uses holistic healing to revitalize clients and restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Whether you have tense shoulders, a tight neck, or experience anxiety, RoseMarie is the ultimate massage therapist for you. Through a combination of healing techniques, massage, and her own presence, she aims to help clients feel better in all the ways they can.

Book a session with RoseMarie today and experience the transformative power of her healing touch.

Asia Oates

Asia Oates is known for providing top-notch care. She is both detail-oriented and incredibly committed to her clients, using relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques to alleviate muscle tension, bring down stress, and improve their well-being. She is incredibly happy to help clients feel their very best in each and every session.

Book a session with Asia today to experience her dedication to making you feel your best.

Makayla Eckberg

Makayla Eckberg is the leading massage therapist at our spa, with almost a decade of experience under her belt. She ensures that her clients feel their very best, addressing each individual’s needs to the fullest of her ability. She practices deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage massage and also understands and recommends nutritional changes for better health. She helps her clients feel their best from the inside out.

Book a session with Makayla today and experience her passion for helping you achieve optimal well-being.