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Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Our postoperative lymphatic drainage service helps reduce swelling, accelerate healing, and improve overall well-being after surgery. We provide customized treatments to meet individual needs, offering a specific focus and specialized care in postoperative recovery. (Packages & In-Home offered).

Prices Start at $100/hr

Detoxifying Deep Tissue Massage

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The detoxifying deep tissue massage is a specialized treatment designed to release tension and toxins from the deep muscles and tissues of the body. It involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to promote relaxation, eliminate toxins, and reduce chronic muscle pain.

Prices Start at $119/hr

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

woman massaging a person on a massage table

Our non-invasive body contouring service offers a safe and effective way to sculpt and tone your body without the need for surgery. Using techniques such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, or laser therapy, our skilled professionals can selectively disrupt fat cells while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. This process encourages your body to naturally eliminate the destroyed fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fat and an overall improvement in body shape. ***Please visit our website for more.

Prices Start at $130/hr

Master Couples Massage

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Indulge in a rejuvenating couples massage spa experience, designed to enhance relaxation and create a blissful escape for you and your loved one. Immerse yourselves in a tranquil atmosphere, where soothing aromas and gentle music transport you to a state of tranquility. Our skilled massage therapists will use a combination of techniques to release tension, increase circulation, and promote overall well-being. Feel the tension slowly dissipate as expert hands work their magic, relieving any muscle aches or fatigue.

Prices Start at $218/hr

Relaxing Therapeutic Oil Massage

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Our relaxing therapeutic oil massage is a soothing and rejuvenating experience that combines the benefits of massage therapy with the healing properties of essential oils and therapeutic massage oil. During this treatment, our skilled therapists use gentle techniques, heated table, and a blend of aromatic oils to promote deep relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being.

Prices Start At $109/hr

Master of Massage Tranquil Spa Experience

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Our ultimate tranquil spa treatment is a comprehensive and indulgent experience designed to provide you with the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation. This all-inclusive package includes a combination of luxurious treatments and services that will leave you feeling pampered from head to toe. Treatments include organic massage facial, mud mask, aromatherapy treatment, hand & foot scrub, 60-minute massage of choice, hot towels, and gua-sha treatment.

Prices Start At $295/ 2 Hour Session

Master Chair Massage

getting a back massage

Our Chair Massage event service offers a convenient and relaxing experience for your special occasions or corporate events. Whether you are hosting a wellness event, employee appreciation day, conference, or any other gathering, our skilled massage therapist will provide on-site chair massages to help your guests unwind and rejuvenate.

*****Please note that advance booking is recommended to secure our services for your preferred date and time.

Starting At $390/ 3 Hour Event

Master of Massage Add-Ons

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Enhance your massage treatment with our luxurious add-ons:

  • Organic Massage Facial: $65
  • Wood Therapy: $50
  • Aromatherapy: $10
  • Hot Stone Therapy: $35
  • Taping: $25
  • Cupping: $20
  • Mud Mask: $35
  • Hand & Foot Scrub: $45
  • Body Wrapping: $35
  • Gua-Sha/Body Scraping $50
  • Hot Towels $5
  • Cellulite Scrub $35
  • Red Light Therapy $40

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Prenatal Massage

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Our specialized prenatal massage service is designed specifically for expectant mothers to provide a safe and relaxing experience during pregnancy. During the prenatal massage session, you will be comfortably positioned on your side or with the support of specially-designed cushions that accommodate your growing belly. The therapist will use gentle and soothing massage techniques to help alleviate muscle tension, reduce discomfort, and promote overall relaxation.

*****To ensure your safety and well-being, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before scheduling a prenatal massage. They can provide guidance based on your individual needs and any specific considerations related to your pregnancy.

Starting at $109/hr

Sports Massage

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Our sports massage service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of athletes and individuals engaged in sports or physical activities. Whether you are a professional athlete or an occasional sports enthusiast, our skilled therapists are trained to address the unique requirements of your body. Sports massage can help improve your athletic performance, prevent injuries, and speed up recovery time. Our therapists use a combination of techniques, including deep tissue massage, stretching, and joint mobilization, to target specific muscle groups and alleviate muscle tension.

*****Please note that sports massage is not limited to athletes only. It can also benefit individuals who engage in rigorous physical activities or have an active lifestyle.

Prices start at $130/hr

Scalp Massage Treatment

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The scalp massage treatment not only feels incredibly relaxing but also offers a range of benefits for your hair and overall well-being. It can help to alleviate headaches, reduce hair fall, improve hair growth, and enhance the health of your scalp. Many of our clients find that the scalp massage treatment leaves them with a heightened sense of relaxation and a refreshed mindset. If you’re looking for a moment of pure relaxation and a boost to the health and vitality of your scalp and hair, our scalp massage treatment is the perfect choice. Treat yourself to this delightful experience and enjoy the many benefits it brings.

Prices Start At $109/ hr